Download Angry Birds for Android Phone for FREE

If you are not happy today, then this post will sure to rejoice you, as one of the most popular and all time favorite mobile game Angry Birds is now available for Android users and it is absolutely FREE !! Game developer Rovio has released the final version of much popular game “Angry Birds” for Android phones after a long beta testing phase.

The Angry Birds is a beautiful puzzle game that entertains you. Angry Birds have been on the top of favorites for iPhone users and on the begrudge list for Android users for a long time. Now there is a 360 degree complete turn off, as iPhone users have to pay and Android users can enjoy the game for free. Angry Birds for Android is ad-supported.

Angry Birds for Android

Download Angry Birds for Android Phone Now !!

Now you can download this puzzle game for your Android device. So if you are an Android user then you can enjoy this puzzle game Angry Birds on your Android Mobile. You can download Angry Birds Android app directly from your Android device by visiting from your mobile browser Or here via you computer to download the game. According to Rovio, they says that the game is made free for the moment so that as many people can enjoy the game, and Rovio is even  facing downtime on its website because of huge number of traffic.

Angry Birds In-game Trailer

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