G.I.Joe The Rise of Cobra: Free EA Shooting Mobile Games Download

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is the title of a video game adaption of the film of the same name. The game takes place after the film. This is G.I.JOE The Rise of Cobra java game for java supported mobile phone. Compatible with most mobile phones which support java application.

JOIN FORCES IN THE BATTLE OF GOOD VS EVIL:Undertake thrilling assault missions in this action-packed adventure based on the blockbuster movie! 

G.I. JOE  The Rise of Cobra for all major video game consoles features an exclusive storyline that picks up where the live-action movie, from Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment, in association with Hasbro, leaves off, allowing players to re-create and re-live the greatest moments from the film, cartoon series and action figure toy line. The game have 3 fast game modes transcend realistic action with side navigation for land combat and top-down operation for piloting the Howler and commanding the MOBAT tank and also offers 16 playable characters – four of which are unlockable COBRA characters – each with unique abilities and weapons. Play as your favourite JOE ? Duke, Ripcord or Scarlett.

Wield signature moves and weapons as you clash with Storm Shadow, Baroness and Cobra Commander! Now you know and KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE.Adding to the adrenaline rush is an intense single-screen co-op mode allowing two players to easily unite as a team in a classic struggle between good and evil to defeat the powers of COBRA.

G.I.Joe The Rise of Cobra mobile games

Download “EA Shooting game: G.I.Joe The Rise of Cobra”  free to your Mobile Phones:

Please choose the right .zip file  fit to your mobile and download it to your PC.Then release the .zip file to get the jar file . transmit it to your mobile phone via USB Cable or Bluetooth.This game works with Most Of the Mobile Phones as it is a jar mobile phone applications.So if your phone is not listed, then please try to download in the following by the screen resolution.

G.I.Joe The Rise of Cobra For Nokia Version

Screen Resolution For Nokia S40 (128×160)
Download GIJoeTheRi_S40v3_128x160_n5200

Screen Resolution For Nokia S40v3 (240×320)
Download GIJoeTheRi_S40v3_240x320_n5300

Screen Resolution For Nokia S40v3 (240×320) N5310
Download GIJoeTheRi_S40v3_240x320_n5310

Screen Resolution For Nokia S60v2 (176×208)
Download GIJoeTheRi_S60v2_176X208_n70

Screen Resolution For Nokia S60v3 (208×208)
Download GIJoeTheRi_S60v3_208x208_n5500

Screen Resolution For Nokia S60v3 (240×320)
Download GIJoeTheRi_S60v3_240x320_N95

Screen Resolution For Nokia S60v5 (360×640)
Download GIJoeTheRi_S60v5_360x640_n5800

G.I.Joe The Rise of Cobra For Blackberry Version:

Screen Resolution For 8300 Curve
Download GIJoeTheRi_8300_Curve

Screen Resolution For 8900 Curve
Download GIJoeTheRi_8900_Curve

Screen Resolution For 9500 Storm
Download GIJoeTheRi_9500_Storm

For Sony Ericsson Version

Screen Resolution For 128×160
Download GIJoeTheRi_128x160_k500

Screen Resolution For 176×220
Download GIJoeTheRi_176x220_F305

Screen Resolution For 240×320
Download GIJoeTheRi_240x320_k660

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